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96% Rye Bread – First Try


Having been bouyed by the success of the previous rye bread, I decided to go for a virtually pure rye bread this time around. It would have been 99% rye, but I ran out of rye flour. I again created a pure rye starter. This time around I used:

  • 800ml water
  • 200g rye starter
  • 970g rye flour
  • 30g white bread flour
  • 20g salt

This time around I just made sure to incorporate all the flour with the water, and then I covered it (not tightly), with a plastic lid and left it rise for 8 hours. After that, I split it into two loaves, placed them in the two bowls I normally use, and let them rise another 2 hours. I then baked them in the combo cooker in the normal way, but allowing 25 minutes with the lid on and 30 minutes with the lid off.

96% rye - first try

96% rye - first try

As with the previous try at 70% rye flour, this one also has an excellent internal structure and an amazing taste.

96% rye - cut - close-up

96% rye - cut - close-up

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