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Maintaining My Starter

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For those people who have received some of my starter, I thought it might be helpful to discuss how I maintain it.

To refresh the starter (but only for refreshing it and not for baking next day), combine 30g of starter with 85ml of water. Whisk them together until the starter has dispersed in the water. Add in 50g of white bread flour and 50g of stone ground whole wheat flour. Whisk the lot together again until all of the dry ingredients have been incorporated and the result is a thick paste.

Discard the unused starter from the original batch into your organic waste (or use it for some other purpose).  Clean the container and then place the newly refreshed starter back into it. If you are not going to bake in the next day or two, put it into the refrigerator. It will keep in there for weeks without refreshing, though it may develop some alcohol and become a bit grey on the surface.

When preparing to bake, take 30g-60g of starter from the container, refresh it as outlined above with 170ml of water, 100g of white bread flour and 100g of stone ground whole-wheat flour. Once it has risen thoroughly and is bubbly on top it is ready to make bread (usually around 5-8 hours depending on whether it was in the fridge before and how warm the room is where it is rising). To make the bread take out 200g-250g of starter and place the rest back into the refrigerator for next time (unless you expect to bake within the next 2-3 days).

That is pretty much it. Happy baking :).

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  1. Phew! found the blog.
    About to go and refresh the starter now – great demo yesterday, thanks.

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